FLINTA* Choir based in Neukölln 

We are a FLINTA* Choir - which means a choir for females, lesbians, intersex, non-binary, trans and agender people. Our members are between 24 to 77 years old. 

At the moment we are not searching for new singers but if you are interested, contact us again in March 2024. Then we will probably have the time and capacity to invite new people to join us for singing and having fun together! 

We are singing every wednesday evening from 7pm to 9 pm in a room inside a school near the station „Rathaus Neukölln“.

Unfortunately the room is not barrier-free.

Our main language during the rehearsals (choir singing) is german. But the lyrics of the songs are in different languages. If you don`t understand german we still like to welcome you. We think music speaks to everyone and we will try to find a way to communicate. 

What songs are we singing? At the moment we sing mostly pop songs but also some classic or Jazz music. But we are open for new ideas. We as a self-organized choir choose our songs together. We are not singing religious, heteronormative or discriminating lyrics. 

We sing songs that are written for SSA (which means soprano I, soprano II/mezzosoprano, alto), but extension to deeper voices is an option if workable. 

If you want to find out more about how that looks and sounds, come and see us live. All our upcoming concerts are HERE

As we would like to become more diverse as a group (again), we would be especially happy to welcome: 

  • BIPoC persons and/or persons who have a non-German background
  • persons who are non-binary and/or trans*
  • persons with lesbian, bi-, pan-, asexual or other queer sexual orientation
  • persons with a non-academic background
  •  persons affected by ableism
  •  persons who are younger than 25
  •  Persons older than 55 years of age

For additional information or if you have questions, write us an Email or find us on FACEBOOK
We are looking forward to meeting you!